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Taco Cart #3 Grill / Burner / Salsa Bar


Heavy duty Taco cart great for your parties. You can make just about anything in this unit such as Tacos, Hotdogs, Steak, and more! This cart has a side burner for a pot. In the front it comes with a salsa bar. Extra space on the bottom for plates and cooking supplies. 

Easy to carry. This cart is lightweight and perfect for on the go. Everything detaches for easy load. Also has wheels with locking mechanism. 

Runs on Propane (Propane tank not included) 

What's Included: 

-Frame with wheels 

- 3 One third pans (stainless steel) 

- 3 One third lids (stainless steel) 

- 1 Stainless Steel Griddle 

- 2 High pressure burners 

  • propane and outdoor use only